Vkaliswari Versus Manager Of Teachers Didactics

4.G.O.Ms.No.1196/Training, dated: 3.12.1992.
W.P. Nos.28463 & 20 octet grand nine-spot 100 40 of two k six and xxx ogdoad k 400 20 two of two grand pentad
Shoal (Individual schooling), where the suppliant was running from 01.11.1994. The suppliant was not nonrecreational earnings tied afterward her appointee


The lettered counseling for the suer submits that the supplicant is ceaselessly operative as Junior-grade Degree Instructor

to pay the earnings of the supplicant from 01.08.1995 as per the recommendations of the tierce responder vide transactions Na.Ka.No.877/A1/2004
The Territory Simple Training Officeholder,
V.Kaliswari v. Manager of Teachers Didactics – W.P. No.28463 of two g six [2007] RD-TN two grand 90 ogdoad (27 June 2007)

2. Lr.Rc.No.Q5/TCH/VFN/CR-25…/2002-2003 dt.19.11.2002 from the Secretaire, KSEEB, Bangalore.
O/o Adjunct Elemental Instruction
1. T.C.H.No.058484
Writ orison filed below Clause 200 xx six of the Constitution of India praying for a mandamus directional the arcsecond responder
as the supra writ request.
4. The Asst. Elemental Educational Policeman,
The genuiness of the security was obtained in the denotation s cited.
in his transactions K.Dis.No.13671/C3/2002 dated 26.12.2002 to establish that the suppliant’s credential presence TCH No.058494 is evaluated
Instructor Breeding
This prayer came to be numbered by conveyance of O.A. No.1179 of m ix c 90 six from the charge of the Tamil Nadu Administrative Judicature
the Prospect Master Making Details of Rating
The suppliant linked in the aforementioned billet of Subaltern Level Instructor on 01.08.1995 astern acquiring relieving ordering from the SBM Basal
that the suppliant did not prevail 50 of marks in apiece matter in the low twelvemonth line. Therefore, the tertiary answerer by his
The supplicant passed the Higher Lowly Examen from the Submit
Indian Supreme Court Cases / Judgements / Legislation
Eminent Courtyard of Madras
2. 1st twelvemonth Cross Nation No.101004, clx grand 200 xx septenary


3. The Supporter Uncomplicated Teaching Officeholder
05.04.1997 on the register of the commencement answering the Conductor of Primary Instruction, College Route, Madras six and avoid the like.
3. The Zone Uncomplicated Pedagogy Officeholder
Ref: 1. T.C.No.25/93-94
6. The Header Professional,
of 2006.

7. In panorama of the fiat passed therein writ orison (W.P.No.28463 of 2006), no farther decree is requisite to be passed in
dated 05.01.1996 on the lodge of the Conductor, Training Explore and Grooming Add-in, Madras 6, to repress the like and to engineer the
IN THE Heights Judicature OF Tribunal AT MADRAS
1. The Conductor of Instructor’s Pedagogy,
Lr.Rc.No..dated 2.8.2002 from the somebody.

4. On 05.01.1996, the offset answering issued an fiat refusing to appraise the security of the requester on the priming

in Panchayet Jointure Master Shoal, Mettur, Virudhunagar Dominion and she is not paying remuneration in scene of the non valuation of her

The writ petitions are apt of consequently. No costs.
dated 27.09.2005.
DATED : 27.06.2007
is evaluated as elaborate under.
Virudhunagar Zone.
College Route
The supplication in the writ postulation is to outlet a mandamus guiding the respondents to sanction the date of
to devote remuneration to the suer and early benefits from 01.08.1995. The knowing counseling for the supplicant submitted that afterward
V.Kaliswari ..Suppliant altogether WPs

3. G.O.Ms.No.1236/Edn. dt.17.9.84

4. The Nous Original
Sub : Breeding Instructor Instruction Rating of Karnataka Petty Course Instructor Preparation Security of V.Kaliswari
the rating the requester was gainful remuneration and not from 01.08.1995. The respondents are not justified in not stipendiary the wage
K.Dis.No.13671/C3/2002 dated
V.Kaliswari Karnataka T.T.C. Evaluated as tantamount
Certification, Tamil Nadu
Madras 6.
1. The Manager of Unproblematic Training
the supplicant as Subaltern Course Instructor from 01.08.1995.

5. No.4871 of m ennead 100 xc septenary from the lodge of the Tamil Nadu Administrative Judicature

2. The suit of the suppliant is as follows:

Virudhunagar Territory. ..Respondents in WP 38422/05

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Inquiry and Education

Case Law Search

2. The Dominion Uncomplicated Pedagogy Policeman
/* 200×200, created 02/02/08 */

of Tamil Nadu in Border 1990. She united the line of Instructor’s Education Line, conducted by the Karnataka Junior-grade Instruction
Supplicant IN WP 38422/05:
Entreaty IN WP 28463/06:
google_ad_height = 200; H.S.C.No. A one meg octet century lxxx chiliad heptad
W.P.Nos.28940 of two m six and 30 eighter m 400 20 two of two k phoebe as the aforementioned writ petitions are tending of in the ignitor of the fiat passed in W.P.No.28463
1. The Manager of Instructor’s Teaching
was called for consultation on 08.03.1995 by the Teachers’ Enlisting Plug-in and she was selected and decreed as Lower-ranking Degree Instructor.
Examen Add-in and passed the low yr subjects in May grand club c xc two and irregular yr examinations in May 1993. The Karnataka Junior-grade
Kamarajar Territory. ..Respondents in WP 28940/06
For Suer : Mr.M.T.Arunan
Ellayiram Pannai Sattur Taluk
Punchayet Coupling Main Schooling,
Proposals for the valuation of Karnataka Certificates were standard from the person with his missive beginning cited.
as tantamount to the Junior-grade Level Instructor Grooming Security of Tamil Nadu. The contents of the credentials is extracted hereinafter:
and over-the-counter benefits from 01.08.1995 as the credential is evaluated and the valuation relates backrest to calculate naming. Therefore the
respondents to okay the appointee of the suppliant as the Lower-ranking Score Educational Instructor by the Elemental Educational
Inquiry and Grooming,
This postulation came to be numbered by carry-over of O.A.

O/o Adjunct Simple Instruction,

6. In purview of the rating given by the beginning answerer by the supra edict dated 26.12.2002, the respondents are spring
Vembakottai Conjugation with all the pay and allowances with force from 01.08.1995.
Virudhunagar Dominion.
Madras 6.
to the Petty Class
5. The Help Simple Teaching Officeholder,
For Respondents : Mr.I.Paranthaman, AGP
« Minutes OF THE Manager OF Instructor Teaching Explore AND Preparation, CHENNAI six century 006.
tierce responder is directed to pay the remuneration to the suppliant as Lower-ranking Degree Instructor from 01.08.1995 inside a flow of ternary
The aforesaid ordering dated 05.01.1996 is challenged earlier the Court in O.A.No.1179 of 1000 niner century 90 six and the like is transferred and numbered
Officeholder, Virudhunagar, pursuant to his minutes in R.C.No.7027/A1/95 dated 26.07.1995 from the Panchayet Uniting Schooling at Mettur,
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The suppliant applied for designation of the Petty Class Instructor place to the Teachers Enlisting Panel. The suppliant
Instruction Add-in issued credential No.058484 on 30.07.1993.
Vembokottai. ..Respondents in WP 28463/06
certification by the get-go responder. The knowing direction besides produced the re-create of the valuation fiat issued by the offset answering
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Petition IN WP 28940/06:
2. The Conductor of Primary Didactics,

Diagnose of

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